Ergodox Part 2

Ergodox Part 2

Day 2 was like May 28th 2021, I think. Its now May 31 2021 so 3 more days with the ergodox.

Im still messing around with the key layout stuff. Im pretty comfortable with the letter keys, but when it comes time to code.. ugh. It requires more brain power so far.

Also, my fingers feel more fatigued. It kinda feels like they have to stretch further.. Ill have to measure finger stretch with a staggered keyboard.

Im not totally comfortable yet. I still struggle with the letters c,v,b, m,n and almost all they symbol placements.

typing words into slack should be no problem though.

Here is my latest typing speed with the ergodox moonlander:

$ date
Tue Jun 15 16:10:31 PDT 2021

Just checking in, lubed my keyswitches and ran a single typing test.

Results below