the keyboard hole gets deeper..

the keyboard hole gets deeper..

in a previous post, I mentioned that I moved to an ortholinear split keyboard. The keyboard of choice is called the moonlander (which is just a more expensive version of the ergodox) article here

My hobby has plagued me with that haunting thought, “I wonder if I can work with less..”

Iv recently made a purchase to build out 36 key split keyboard (aka: the corne keyboard)

The nice thing about the moonlander (ergodox) is that you can re program it to however you want. Thanks QMK!

So iv re programmed my board to simulate the key mapping to that of the corne.

Ill be dusting off my solding iron, and fine tuning my key mapping until the corne finally arrives.

Ill also be using some very low profile key switches. The reason for this is portability.

Trying to haul around my moonlander is cumbersome and frankly I just dont want to do it.

Its a great keyboard and I love it, but it needs to just stay at my desk.

Typing words is no big deal to me, in fact my latest single test shows the corne should be no problem

What will be the “hard” part is getting used to the better placed keys/symbols and the layering..

So lets see how that goes

Yeah another keeb : )

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